R.I.P Troy Davis. Synes det er grusomt at vi i 2011 fortsatt henretter folk, spesielt nr hele verden engasjerte seg for stoppe denne henrettelsen. ♥
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Postet av: Ralf

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I agree. That's a shame for the United States of America.There were 77 people killed in Oslo and Utøya.On July 25 there were 200 000 Norwegians in Oslo with roses in their hands, that was the reaction to this horrific terror act.

We sent photos of this event to the Governor of Georgia with a comment from our Hight School.Hey look how do the people of Norway.Unfortunately it has not helped.Your amazing people in Norway.

from Vancouver / BC Canada

Postet av: Antje

Dato: 22.sep.2011 Tid: 21:45 URL:
Yes,I agree to. It`s a schame for Amerika.

from Neatherland

Postet av: Shelley

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Sorry Antje, but you mean the U:S.A.Canadians are also North Americans.In my country there is not the death penalty.That is good so.

I am a Canadian and damn proud of it. I will die for the Maple Leaf, Red, and White on any given day.

from Canada

Postet av: Caroline!

Dato: 23.sep.2011 Tid: 23:30 URL:
enig med den tweeten her, alts;

(Det er en heelt ufarlig bildelink)

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